Class SKPhysicsBody

    • Constructor Detail

      • SKPhysicsBody

        public SKPhysicsBody()
      • SKPhysicsBody

        protected SKPhysicsBody​(NSObject.Handle h,
                                long handle)
      • SKPhysicsBody

        public SKPhysicsBody​(NSCoder decoder)
    • Method Detail

      • isDynamic

        public boolean isDynamic()
      • setDynamic

        public void setDynamic​(boolean v)
      • usesPreciseCollisionDetection

        public boolean usesPreciseCollisionDetection()
      • setUsesPreciseCollisionDetection

        public void setUsesPreciseCollisionDetection​(boolean v)
      • allowsRotation

        public boolean allowsRotation()
      • setAllowsRotation

        public void setAllowsRotation​(boolean v)
      • isPinned

        public boolean isPinned()
        Available in iOS 8.0 and later.
      • setPinned

        public void setPinned​(boolean v)
        Available in iOS 8.0 and later.
      • isResting

        public boolean isResting()
      • setResting

        public void setResting​(boolean v)
      • getFriction

        public double getFriction()
      • setFriction

        public void setFriction​(double v)
      • getCharge

        public double getCharge()
        Available in iOS 8.0 and later.
      • setCharge

        public void setCharge​(double v)
        Available in iOS 8.0 and later.
      • getRestitution

        public double getRestitution()
      • setRestitution

        public void setRestitution​(double v)
      • getLinearDamping

        public double getLinearDamping()
      • setLinearDamping

        public void setLinearDamping​(double v)
      • getAngularDamping

        public double getAngularDamping()
      • setAngularDamping

        public void setAngularDamping​(double v)
      • getDensity

        public double getDensity()
      • setDensity

        public void setDensity​(double v)
      • getMass

        public double getMass()
      • setMass

        public void setMass​(double v)
      • getArea

        public double getArea()
      • isAffectedByGravity

        public boolean isAffectedByGravity()
      • setAffectedByGravity

        public void setAffectedByGravity​(boolean v)
      • getFieldBitMask

        public int getFieldBitMask()
        Available in iOS 8.0 and later.
      • setFieldBitMask

        public void setFieldBitMask​(int v)
        Available in iOS 8.0 and later.
      • getCategoryBitMask

        public int getCategoryBitMask()
      • setCategoryBitMask

        public void setCategoryBitMask​(int v)
      • getCollisionBitMask

        public int getCollisionBitMask()
      • setCollisionBitMask

        public void setCollisionBitMask​(int v)
      • getContactTestBitMask

        public int getContactTestBitMask()
      • setContactTestBitMask

        public void setContactTestBitMask​(int v)
      • getNode

        public SKNode getNode()
      • getVelocity

        public CGVector getVelocity()
      • setVelocity

        public void setVelocity​(CGVector v)
      • getAngularVelocity

        public double getAngularVelocity()
      • setAngularVelocity

        public void setAngularVelocity​(double v)
      • supportsSecureCoding

        public static boolean supportsSecureCoding()
      • applyForce

        public void applyForce​(CGVector force)
      • applyTorque

        public void applyTorque​(double torque)
      • applyImpulse

        public void applyImpulse​(CGVector impulse)
      • applyImpulse

        public void applyImpulse​(CGVector impulse,
                                 CGPoint point)
      • applyAngularImpulse

        public void applyAngularImpulse​(double impulse)
      • createCircle

        public static SKPhysicsBody createCircle​(double r)
      • createWithTexture

        public static SKPhysicsBody createWithTexture​(SKTexture texture,
                                                      CGSize size)
        Available in iOS 8.0 and later.
      • createWithTexture

        public static SKPhysicsBody createWithTexture​(SKTexture texture,
                                                      float alphaThreshold,
                                                      CGSize size)
        Available in iOS 8.0 and later.
      • init

        protected long init​(NSCoder decoder)