Class CFArray

    • Constructor Detail

      • CFArray

        protected CFArray()
    • Method Detail

      • create

        public static <T extends org.robovm.rt.bro.NativeObject> CFArray create​(java.util.Collection<T> objects)
      • toArray

        public <T extends org.robovm.rt.bro.NativeObject> T[] toArray​(java.lang.Class<T> type)
      • toList

        public <T extends org.robovm.rt.bro.NativeObject> java.util.List<T> toList​(java.lang.Class<T> type)
      • get

        public <T extends org.robovm.rt.bro.NativeObject> T get​(long index,
                                                                java.lang.Class<T> type)
      • size

        public long size()
      • add

        public void add​(org.robovm.rt.bro.NativeObject value)
      • insert

        public void insert​(long idx,
                           org.robovm.rt.bro.NativeObject value)
      • replace

        public void replace​(long idx,
                            org.robovm.rt.bro.NativeObject value)
      • remove

        public void remove​(long idx)
      • clear

        public void clear()
      • asStringList

        public java.util.List<java.lang.String> asStringList()
        Use this method to convert a CFArray of CFString items to a List of String items.
      • fromStrings

        public static CFArray fromStrings​(java.lang.String... strings)
      • fromStrings

        public static CFArray fromStrings​(java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> strings)
      • getTypeCallBacks

        public static getTypeCallBacks()
      • getClassTypeID

        public static long getClassTypeID()
      • getCount

        protected long getCount()
      • getCountOfValue

        protected long getCountOfValue​(CFRange range,
                                       org.robovm.rt.bro.ptr.VoidPtr value)
      • containsValue

        protected boolean containsValue​(CFRange range,
                                        org.robovm.rt.bro.ptr.VoidPtr value)
      • getValueAtIndex

        protected org.robovm.rt.bro.ptr.VoidPtr getValueAtIndex​(long idx)
      • getValues

        protected void getValues​(CFRange range,
                                 org.robovm.rt.bro.ptr.VoidPtr.VoidPtrPtr values)
      • applyFunction

        protected void applyFunction​(CFRange range,
                                     org.robovm.rt.bro.ptr.FunctionPtr applier,
                                     org.robovm.rt.bro.ptr.VoidPtr context)
      • getFirstIndexOfValue

        protected long getFirstIndexOfValue​(CFRange range,
                                            org.robovm.rt.bro.ptr.VoidPtr value)
      • getLastIndexOfValue

        protected long getLastIndexOfValue​(CFRange range,
                                           org.robovm.rt.bro.ptr.VoidPtr value)
      • bSearchValues

        protected long bSearchValues​(CFRange range,
                                     org.robovm.rt.bro.ptr.VoidPtr value,
                                     org.robovm.rt.bro.ptr.FunctionPtr comparator,
                                     org.robovm.rt.bro.ptr.VoidPtr context)