Class UNNotificationContent

    • Constructor Detail

      • UNNotificationContent

        public UNNotificationContent()
      • UNNotificationContent

        protected UNNotificationContent​(NSObject.Handle h,
                                        long handle)
      • UNNotificationContent

        protected UNNotificationContent​(NSObject.SkipInit skipInit)
      • UNNotificationContent

        public UNNotificationContent​(NSCoder decoder)
    • Method Detail

      • getBody

        public java.lang.String getBody()
      • getCategoryIdentifier

        public java.lang.String getCategoryIdentifier()
      • getLaunchImageName

        public java.lang.String getLaunchImageName()
      • getSubtitle

        public java.lang.String getSubtitle()
      • getThreadIdentifier

        public java.lang.String getThreadIdentifier()
      • getTitle

        public java.lang.String getTitle()
      • getSummaryArgument

        public java.lang.String getSummaryArgument()
        Available in iOS 12.0 and later.
      • getSummaryArgumentCount

        public long getSummaryArgumentCount()
        Available in iOS 12.0 and later.
      • supportsSecureCoding

        public static boolean supportsSecureCoding()
      • init

        protected long init​(NSCoder decoder)