Class RPBroadcastController

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    NSObjectProtocol, org.robovm.objc.ObjCProtocol

    public class RPBroadcastController
    extends NSObject
    Available in iOS 10.0 and later.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RPBroadcastController

        public RPBroadcastController()
      • RPBroadcastController

        protected RPBroadcastController​(NSObject.Handle h,
                                        long handle)
      • RPBroadcastController

        protected RPBroadcastController​(NSObject.SkipInit skipInit)
    • Method Detail

      • isBroadcasting

        public boolean isBroadcasting()
      • isPaused

        public boolean isPaused()
      • getBroadcastURL

        public NSURL getBroadcastURL()
      • getServiceInfo

        public NSDictionary<?,​?> getServiceInfo()
      • getBroadcastExtensionBundleID

        public java.lang.String getBroadcastExtensionBundleID()
        Deprecated in iOS 11.0. No longer supported
        Available in iOS 10.0 and later.
      • startBroadcast

        public void startBroadcast​(org.robovm.objc.block.VoidBlock1<NSError> handler)
      • pauseBroadcast

        public void pauseBroadcast()
      • resumeBroadcast

        public void resumeBroadcast()
      • finishBroadcast

        public void finishBroadcast​(org.robovm.objc.block.VoidBlock1<NSError> handler)