Class MTLRenderPassAttachmentDescriptor

    • Constructor Detail

      • MTLRenderPassAttachmentDescriptor

        public MTLRenderPassAttachmentDescriptor()
      • MTLRenderPassAttachmentDescriptor

        protected MTLRenderPassAttachmentDescriptor​(NSObject.Handle h,
                                                    long handle)
      • MTLRenderPassAttachmentDescriptor

        protected MTLRenderPassAttachmentDescriptor​(NSObject.SkipInit skipInit)
    • Method Detail

      • setTexture

        public void setTexture​(MTLTexture v)
      • getLevel

        public long getLevel()
      • setLevel

        public void setLevel​(long v)
      • getSlice

        public long getSlice()
      • setSlice

        public void setSlice​(long v)
      • getDepthPlane

        public long getDepthPlane()
      • setDepthPlane

        public void setDepthPlane​(long v)
      • getResolveTexture

        public MTLTexture getResolveTexture()
      • setResolveTexture

        public void setResolveTexture​(MTLTexture v)
      • getResolveLevel

        public long getResolveLevel()
      • setResolveLevel

        public void setResolveLevel​(long v)
      • getResolveSlice

        public long getResolveSlice()
      • setResolveSlice

        public void setResolveSlice​(long v)
      • getResolveDepthPlane

        public long getResolveDepthPlane()
      • setResolveDepthPlane

        public void setResolveDepthPlane​(long v)
      • getStoreActionOptions

        public MTLStoreActionOptions getStoreActionOptions()
        Available in iOS 11.0 and later.
      • setStoreActionOptions

        public void setStoreActionOptions​(MTLStoreActionOptions v)
        Available in iOS 11.0 and later.