Class NSByteCountFormatter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    NSCoding, NSObjectProtocol, org.robovm.objc.ObjCProtocol

    public class NSByteCountFormatter
    extends NSFormatter
    Available in iOS 6.0 and later.
    • Constructor Detail

      • NSByteCountFormatter

        public NSByteCountFormatter()
      • NSByteCountFormatter

        protected NSByteCountFormatter​(NSObject.Handle h,
                                       long handle)
      • NSByteCountFormatter

        protected NSByteCountFormatter​(NSObject.SkipInit skipInit)
    • Method Detail

      • allowsNonnumericFormatting

        public boolean allowsNonnumericFormatting()
      • setAllowsNonnumericFormatting

        public void setAllowsNonnumericFormatting​(boolean v)
      • includesUnit

        public boolean includesUnit()
      • setIncludesUnit

        public void setIncludesUnit​(boolean v)
      • includesCount

        public boolean includesCount()
      • setIncludesCount

        public void setIncludesCount​(boolean v)
      • includesActualByteCount

        public boolean includesActualByteCount()
      • setIncludesActualByteCount

        public void setIncludesActualByteCount​(boolean v)
      • isAdaptive

        public boolean isAdaptive()
      • setAdaptive

        public void setAdaptive​(boolean v)
      • zeroPadsFractionDigits

        public boolean zeroPadsFractionDigits()
      • setZeroPadsFractionDigits

        public void setZeroPadsFractionDigits​(boolean v)
      • getFormattingContext

        public NSFormattingContext getFormattingContext()
        Available in iOS 8.0 and later.
      • setFormattingContext

        public void setFormattingContext​(NSFormattingContext v)
        Available in iOS 8.0 and later.
      • format

        public java.lang.String format​(long byteCount)