Class CLLocationAccuracy

    • Field Detail

      • BestForNavigation

        public static final double BestForNavigation
        Available in iOS 4.0 and later.
      • Best

        public static final double Best
      • NearestTenMeters

        public static final double NearestTenMeters
      • HundredMeters

        public static final double HundredMeters
      • Kilometer

        public static final double Kilometer
      • ThreeKilometers

        public static final double ThreeKilometers
    • Constructor Detail

      • CLLocationAccuracy

        public CLLocationAccuracy()
    • Method Detail

      • BestForNavigationValue

        protected static double BestForNavigationValue()
        Available in iOS 4.0 and later.
      • BestValue

        protected static double BestValue()
      • NearestTenMetersValue

        protected static double NearestTenMetersValue()
      • HundredMetersValue

        protected static double HundredMetersValue()
      • KilometerValue

        protected static double KilometerValue()
      • ThreeKilometersValue

        protected static double ThreeKilometersValue()