Class CFNumberFormatterProperty.Values

    • Constructor Detail

      • Values

        public Values()
    • Method Detail

      • CurrencyCode

        public static CFString CurrencyCode()
      • DecimalSeparator

        public static CFString DecimalSeparator()
      • CurrencyDecimalSeparator

        public static CFString CurrencyDecimalSeparator()
      • AlwaysShowDecimalSeparator

        public static CFString AlwaysShowDecimalSeparator()
      • GroupingSeparator

        public static CFString GroupingSeparator()
      • UseGroupingSeparator

        public static CFString UseGroupingSeparator()
      • PercentSymbol

        public static CFString PercentSymbol()
      • ZeroSymbol

        public static CFString ZeroSymbol()
      • NaNSymbol

        public static CFString NaNSymbol()
      • InfinitySymbol

        public static CFString InfinitySymbol()
      • MinusSign

        public static CFString MinusSign()
      • PlusSign

        public static CFString PlusSign()
      • CurrencySymbol

        public static CFString CurrencySymbol()
      • ExponentSymbol

        public static CFString ExponentSymbol()
      • MinIntegerDigits

        public static CFString MinIntegerDigits()
      • MaxIntegerDigits

        public static CFString MaxIntegerDigits()
      • MinFractionDigits

        public static CFString MinFractionDigits()
      • MaxFractionDigits

        public static CFString MaxFractionDigits()
      • GroupingSize

        public static CFString GroupingSize()
      • SecondaryGroupingSize

        public static CFString SecondaryGroupingSize()
      • RoundingMode

        public static CFString RoundingMode()
      • RoundingIncrement

        public static CFString RoundingIncrement()
      • FormatWidth

        public static CFString FormatWidth()
      • PaddingPosition

        public static CFString PaddingPosition()
      • PaddingCharacter

        public static CFString PaddingCharacter()
      • DefaultFormat

        public static CFString DefaultFormat()
      • Multiplier

        public static CFString Multiplier()
      • PositivePrefix

        public static CFString PositivePrefix()
      • PositiveSuffix

        public static CFString PositiveSuffix()
      • NegativePrefix

        public static CFString NegativePrefix()
      • NegativeSuffix

        public static CFString NegativeSuffix()
      • PerMillSymbol

        public static CFString PerMillSymbol()
      • InternationalCurrencySymbol

        public static CFString InternationalCurrencySymbol()
      • CurrencyGroupingSeparator

        public static CFString CurrencyGroupingSeparator()
        Available in iOS 2.0 and later.
      • IsLenient

        public static CFString IsLenient()
        Available in iOS 2.0 and later.
      • UseSignificantDigits

        public static CFString UseSignificantDigits()
        Available in iOS 2.0 and later.
      • MinSignificantDigits

        public static CFString MinSignificantDigits()
        Available in iOS 2.0 and later.
      • MaxSignificantDigits

        public static CFString MaxSignificantDigits()
        Available in iOS 2.0 and later.